Maroon History

Maroon was founded by Anthony P. Maroon in 1977 supplying resins, additives, pigments and packaging to customers in the paint & coatings, sealants & adhesives, and graphic arts industries.  The company focused on providing value to its customers with a technical sales approach, a complementary product portfolio, and just-in-time inventory management serviced by a fleet of delivery trucks.

As their customer base and product portfolio continued to expand, the company broadened its geographic reach when it opened a sales office in Chicago in 1984.  During this period, the company expanded into other industries as plastics became more prevalent in consumer packaging, construction, etc.     

In 2002, the company began to undergo a transformation under the ownership of Mark E. Reichard and Mark Maroon.  Global supplier relationships expanded and the company achieved NACD and ISO certifications.  Over the next decade, Maroon refined its business model, strived to improve its level of service and expanded its sales team.

Maroon attributes its success to Tony’s philosophy of Creating Customer Success®. With an unwavering focus on service as a key element of its business model, backed by a top notch and dedicated sales team, Maroon is an industry leader with a commitment to quality as well as safe and compliant operations.  Maroon is well entrenched with its supplier and customer relationships, including many long-term customers who have been buying products from Maroon since 1977.

Maroon Timeline


Maroon Chemical Founded by Anthony Maroon


Maroon Opened Chicago Facility


Construction and Relocation of HQ Facility to Avon, Ohio


Maroon Certified as a Member of NACD


Maroon Achieves ISO 9001:2008 Certification


Maroon and Polyram Israel Establish Polyram USA Joint Venture


Partnership Established with CI Capital and Renamed Maroon Group LLC


Maroon Group Acquires Addipel



Maroon Group Acquires D.B. Becker



Maroon Group Acquires CNX Distribution

CNX Logo


Maroon Group Acquires U.S. Chemicals



Maroon Group Acquires Cadence Chemical


Maroon Group Acquires Lincoln Fine Ingredients